What Causes Cystic Acne? Where You Usually Get it?

When you were hitting teenager ages, this is also very common if you have a pimple o more. But if you have red, big and painful acne in your skin, it can mean that you had been developed something bigger which is called as cystic acne. You should know that all of your face area, such as: jawline, chin, cheek and jawline are very common site to be attacked by acne on adults. This thing can be caused by hormonal changing and imbalance inside your body. You should know that hormone can stimulate your oil production, which is lead the increasing of bacteria were trapped in you pores. If this thing happens, then you will wonder what causes cystic acne? Is there any solution? How can I do to rid of this painful acne?

However, you should know that these pimples can be treated, but you should remember one thing that you cannot wait them out. Cystic acne can last for years and affect your skin getting wider and sometimes leave you with permanent scars. Surely, anyone does not want to have scar on their face. So, you can get help from dermatologist to get proper treatment that you need.

Well, what is cystic acne?

what causes cystic acneThis is basic information to know further about your cystic acne first. You can get acne when your pores were blocked, usually your pores were blocked by dead skin cells. Sometimes your bacteria also getting trapped in your bores that cause your affected skin become swollen and red. The cystic acne also happens when there is an infection going deeper inside your skin then creates red and soft bump along with pus. Cystic acne also can make you feel itchy and hurt and when this acne is burst then infection can be spread of and cause you with more pimples. So, if you wonder what causes cystic acne on chin? Or what causes cystic acne on cheeks, actually their formation are same.

Where and who will get cystic acne?

As mentioned before that you most possibility developing the cystic acne in you teens period or in early 20s. However, this acne also can attack anyone in younger age 8 or elderly 50 years old. This acne is not only attack your face, but also your shoulders, back, upper arms and cast can be affected as well. But, severe cystic acne was very common on men, although women also get it as well. Women prefer to develop this acne in their lower half of face, such as: chin and cheek.

What cause cystic acne?

You should know that no one was sure with the exact cause, however hormone that called as androgens also take a important role. When you are young, the androgens also increase and can affect your skin as result that clogged pores and pimple. On women, the hormone often happens during menstrual cycles, menopause and pregnancy. Even if you had one of parents who had severe cystic acne, you might have a risk to develop it as well.