The Cause and Treatment of Cystic Acne on Chest

Acne can appear anywhere, including cystic acne on chest. It is not visible at all times, but imagine what other people think when others see you while swimming, on the beach, or being with your partner. This skin problem is commonly experienced by men, which in fact is easy to sweat, but this is also experienced by women. Acne in the chest is also the same as acne in any part of the body. If not immediately get handling then the acne will get worse and even more widespread.

Treating cystic acne on chest

The right cystic acne on chest treatment (s) can be obtained from a doctor. Acne treatment is generally divided into 2, namely oral and topical. Drugs in the form of lotions or gels (topical medications) you can apply directly to areas that are injured or acne. Topical medications and oral medications have a function and provide side effects. Topical medication works to dry oil, kill bacteria, and remove exfoliation of dead skin cells.

You may feel some side effects from this medicine, such as irritated, dry, peeling, burning, and reddish skin. To that end, your doctor may recommend you to reduce the dose of the drug or switch to other medications that are tailored to your skin condition. Meanwhile, oral medication serves to reduce bacteria and fight inflammation. Side effects that you will experience include stomach pain, dizziness, skin color change, and more sensitive to exposure to sunlight.

All you have to know about acne treatment is that the treatment for acne cannot show results directly. The time it takes for the skin condition to improve is 6 to 8 weeks. Maybe your skin will get worse before it gets better.

cystic acne on chest

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The causes of cystic acne

Hot weather can also trigger the occurrence of acne in the chest. Sweat can accelerate the growth of bacteria that can cause acne. Family history is also one of the biggest factors that can cause acne. If your parents have acne, you tend to have it too.

Actually, stress does not cause acne. However, stress can make acne grow progressively worse and worse. Skin condition is also important as the cause of acne on your skin. If your skin is dirty, bacteria can grow. This will cause acne on your skin. The habit of touching the skin also can cause cystic acne. Often touch the skin without regard to hand hygiene will certainly increase the possibility of acne emergence. In addition, some chemicals found in soap can also cause cystic acne.

Hormonal changes are one of the most common cystic acne on chest causes. The cause of cyclic acne may also be affected by increased testosterone (in men). This hormone causes the skin glands to produce more oil (sebum) and it is that can trigger the growth of acne. This is not only the case in puberty, but it can also occur in women and adult women who will experience menstruation, pregnant women, and people who use drugs containing corticosteroids, androgens, or lithium.