Home Remedies for Acne

Acne is an embarrassing skin condition which plagues scores of men and women from adolescence into adulthood, and many of these have tried every lotion, potion, and prescription drug available. A few of these, however, are still looking for a way to alleviate the inflammation, nodules, and pitting which accompany severe acne. It is possible that simple home remedies may be the most effective treatments for many sufferers. Because individuals with acne respond differently to particular treatments, it may be necessary to try several of these solutions or to use a couple in combination before finding the right remedy, but these treatments often work well and are much less expensive than traditional treatments.

Topical Solutions

Some topical solutions may be applied to fight an acne breakout. A dilution of tea tree oil, for example, is a natural antiseptic. Lavender can be used to calm inflammation, and rosewater is effective in reducing the pain associated with swelling. The juice from an aloe-vera plant also has antibacterial properties and helps with healing skin damaged by acne. Raw honey smoothed onto the affected area has a similar effect.

Facial Mask

Some with acne also have reported success from using a facial mask made by combining yogurt with oatmeal. This thick paste is allowed to dry on the face and later removed with warm water. A different mask made from a tablespoon of honey mixed with cinnamon may be left on the face overnight to treat acne symptoms and washed away the next morning. Another natural home treatment for acne is to boil several teabags with dried basil leaves to make an effective astringent solution. When cooled, this is applied to the face with a clean cosmetic sponge.

Fighting Acne – Inside and Out

Many acne sufferers treat the surface of the face with these natural home remedies, and they also use special drinks that may help the body fight acne from the inside. Since doctors know that hormones do play a role in this serious skin condition, this makes great sense. One suggested remedy is to drink the juice of wheat grass at least once a day. This can be purchased at a health food store. Another idea is to drink large quantities of pomegranate juice to clear the skin. Dandelion tea may also help to control bacteria in the body and keep the face clear for longer periods of time.

While these home remedies may not all work for everybody, they have been known to help some. Through experimentation, individuals can discover the right combination for relief of chronic acne and may be surprised at just how well their new home remedy treatment plan really works compared to the high priced drugs and solutions used previously.

Home remedies for acne

Home Remedies for Acne To solve acne problem you can make use of one of these natural remedies.

Sodium bicarbonate

One of the basic to combat acne is sodium bicarbonate, which will keep your skin clean and smooth.
The procedure is as follows: take a tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with water to form a firm paste. When ready, apply it exactly on the mud or pimple. Wait 10 minutes, wash with cold water and dry your face.

This remedy you can use daily as your normal cleaning routine, but if you present any irritation you should suspend it and choose another natural remedy.


Home Remedies for AcneThe lemon is perfect to combat acne thanks to the citric acid it contains, which is antibacterial and softening.
The procedure to follow is very simple: wash the lemon, cut it in half and apply in the area that presents the problem. You can pass it directly while you squeeze it gently or squeeze it and use a cotton ball to apply the juice on the skin, avoiding the eyes.

You must let it act for 10 minutes, then wash the skin with warm water and neutral soap. To finish, apply a good light sunscreen or for oily skin in case you do it in the afternoon, but it is best to apply it only at night.

Mint has as its main element menthol, which is a natural anti-inflammatory that will help you to fight acne quickly and efficiently.
To achieve this, you can make an infusion of natural mint or make a mixture of mint leaves with warm water, apply to the area with acne and wait 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing.

You can use this natural remedy as part of your daily cleaning.


Home Remedies for AcneBesides being delicious, honey can help you fight acne thanks to its antibacterial properties. You have two options to use it, the first one is combining it with lemon and letting it act for 15 to 20 minutes and washing with warm water. The second option is to apply directly on the pustule you want to remove, cover with cotton and let it act all night.


Egg white is a very effective natural remedy to fight acne thanks to its retinoids.

Home Remedies for AcneThe first thing you should do is separate the white from the yolk, then apply the white with a brush on your face or skin with acne and let it act for 10 to 15 minutes. After this time, you wash your face with warm water.